February 8, 2009

Random Walk Books -English Book Store-

Today was a fine day to be out in Kobe! I had a wonderful breakfast with some friends. 
After that I went down to the English book store "Random Walk Books" in Motomachi. 
They were still busy moving books around and not all of the boxes are open yet but there was still plenty to choose from.

I bought "Wild Ducks Flying Backward" by Tom Robbins and the first two books in the Dresden File series by Jim Butcher. It may not be a smart thing to buy two books of a series without reading the first one...but I had a feeling I would like it so went with my instincts. 
Did not want to get off the train on the way home because I got so wrapped up in it!

The bookshop's website is not up yet but you can send inquiries to

My "books I am reading now" list is getting way too long, even for me. I have one I read before I go to bed, two I read in the living room, two for train rides...BUT I think the Dresden File book one "Storm Front" is going to keep me busy for the next couple of hours.

Here's a look at the entrance half of the bookstore:

.....and this is their picture book corner.  I love Dr Seuss!


Emily Cross said...

aww Tulsa, its lovely! like all bookshops should be!!

I_am_Tulsa said...

Thank you! My friend, the owner, will love hearing that!