February 11, 2009

Mr. Big is back!

An American band that is very popular in Japan... Mr Big.  
(Has nothing to do with S&TC.)

They are most famous for their songs "To Be With You" and their rendition of the C. Stevens song "Wild World".  In Japan their latest hit was "Superfantastic", a song that was like an ode to the above two songs.
Paul Gilbert (guitarist) left the band in 1990 and Richie Kotzen took his place. However, Mr. Big disbanded in 2002 and went their individual ways.  Each musician has solo albums and other band projects going on but it is great to be able to see these guys back together again. (Richi Kotzen will not be in the band but he has his own solo stuff going on too.) 
I hope this will give the band a long deserved chance to be Big not only in Asia but their home country as well.  They are all very talented, I could not say this enough.  I will be going to at least one of their concerts in Japan to be held in June.
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The CDs in the picture are autographed by Pat Torpey (drums) and Eric Martin (vocals) when they were in Japan to promote their solo work.  I had the wonderful opportunity of making special radio programs with them on several occasions and they were both wonderful people!

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