February 23, 2009

Nagasaki - part 2

                        The view from the inside out.
The Nagasaki City Library is a very nice, very NEW library.  They have a nice amount of fiction and non-fiction books on various genres.  (The books on the shelves looked kind of like what I have at home...which I thought was interesting, and a tad bit disturbing...)
They do need more English books on Nagasaki and Japan but of course, if you can read Japanese, there's tons of books to read on the history of Nagasaki.  

When I visited in December 2008, I spent about an hour or so reading about the REAL inspiration for Madame Butterfly...Tsuru Glover - the wife of Thomas Glover (from Scotland), one of the few foreign business men in Japan in the later 1800s.  Their former residence is also a wonderful place to visit while in Nagasaki.
The brand new library from the outside.

I can't say it enough...Nagasaki is an often overlooked place...please visit if you are ever in Kyushu!


ReNu said...

Wow, look at the size of that library! Thank you for your comment. Actually it's IP number, not ISP. Sorry! I guess I must be addlepated from all the net-surfing. The IP number is the specific address for your particular computer/connection, like It helps people find out exactly where you live. So if you go to aNobii, they'll take you to the Japan page whether you like it or not.

I_am_Tulsa said...

It is a rather new building and is fairly big for Japanese standards. Although the one in a place called Osaka City is huge! I went there the day before yesterday and was going to take pictures of the building but the weather was too gloomy...
IP numbers popping up at random places seem a bit Big Brother...I'm a little freaked... (>.<) that is a freaked out face in Japanese text message lit!