April 10, 2011


Hiroshima style Okonomiyaki

I can't believe I have never posted about Okonomiyaki.  Some call it the Japanese style pizza but I think it is more like a layered crepe. A crepe with diced cabbage and any other vegetable you like with meat, prawn or squid in between.  I like mine with cheese.  

The finishing touches are sauce and mayonnaise with bonita flakes and "aonori" green seaweed flakes are sprinkled on top.  The one in the above picture is a "negi yaki" so there are tons of sliced green onions on them! shows how to make it "Osaka" style and there is even a dot com website for okonomiyaki! here:

I actually prefer the Hiroshima style okonomiyaki because you place the cabbage ON the batter (first layer of crepe) instead of mixing it WITH the batter which I think makes the cabbage less tasty.

I digress...since I am not trying to write about the recipes which you can find at the above links...I actually want to talk about MAGIC.
The magical wonders of the...
watch it in action:

It can squirt out five lines of mayonnaise or ketchup or whatever you like because...

there are holes.

So simple magic is.

Now, for another kind of magic.

I just got back from a friend's fantastic charity concert.  There were 9 different bands that came together to raise money for the people effected by the earthquakes and tsunamis in north eastern Japan.  

Magic is for those who "do".  That is what my friend K has taught me.  I think what she did was magic  because she brought people together for a purpose. Out of nothing she created a night of giving!

Here is another band that is creating magic!

They are volunteering and raising spirits and will have a charity concert in the summer here in Osaka.

Thank you so much for all of  your prayers and kind me all of this is magic too and I am so very grateful!