June 21, 2010


I love my i-phone, don't get me wrong but you get so use to having technology at your fingertips that it gets irritating when you can't get good Internet access or if have too much info that it doesn't fit into the mobile blog format...argh! And did I mention that I now also own a Blackberry? Seinfeld would get a kick out of watching me!

Anyway, here are the pictures I wanted to post earlier!

Purple, pancakes and presentations...

I am on the train again, this time headed to south western Japan to " do what I do" - talk to teachers about books.

The past month was again filled with rediculous words that start with "p".

I made a blueberry soy milk shake that turned out the same color as the book I had been reading.

A pancake I made on the weekend looked so much like a face, I had to take a picture.

Last but not least I made a presentation in front of about 30 teachers and nearly puked (another p word!). The picture ( if it shows up all right) is of the building I presented at, in the background you can see the Osaka castle! If it doesn't show up I promise to repost soon from my computer as this is being done via i-phone.)

Have a nice week!