February 10, 2013

Iroha -chi-


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We've finished the first line...
now on the second...
starting from "chi"
"Chi" is not to be confused with the Chinese "chi"(energy) which is "ki" 「気」in Japanese.
"Ki" is the symbol/character I will talk about....30 characters from now...

So, back to "chi".

Coincidentally, I found two makeup related brands that start with chi.

The first is Chikuhodo, a makeup brush brand based in Hiroshima  (try saying that sentence 3 times in a row!) which is well known for their brushes.You can find the English information about the company here:  Chikkuhodo

The below travel size makeup brushes are from a set that I received using my frequent flyer points (JAL).
I couldn't find the exact same set on their website but their brushes are anywhere from US$50 and....up...

The next makeup brand is a LOT more affordable.
They are a relatively eco friendly company, very clear on the ingredients of their products and don't rely on lots of advertising.  They are super can find out about the company in English here: Chifure

Their face cleansers and creams are anywhere from 5 to 8 US$.  The lipsticks are 300yen, less than US$3!!!
You buy the lipsticks in the little tube with the white cap you see above.  You purchase separate lipstick cases which are reusable...the plastic ones are 100 yen (less than $1 and the metallic ones are about  $3!)
I put the Revlon (matte lipstick in Heavenly Mauve no. 01) just to show you the shade similarities.
(The Chifure lipsticks are more similar to the Revlon Lip Butter textures than the matte ones...just in case you are interested in that sort of thing.)

Other words that start with "chi" are....
chikyu (Earth)
chikyu-gi (globe)
the "gi" is pronounced like the "gui" in guitar
My mom bought me the above globe about 10 years ago for my birthday... it was a "feng-shui" thing.
Supposedly if you put a globe in the eastern side of your office, your work will go global....or something to that effect.

It is actually kind of ...funny...?... because now I do get to travel a lot in Japan with at least one chance a year to travel abroad.

Globe power...

Chiheisen (chi-hay-sen) is horizon.  Specifically land horizon.  There is another word for the horizon you see when you are at sea..."suiheisen"..."sui" meaning "water".

There aren't very many places where you can see a "land horizon" in Japan especially if you live in the city.  This photo I took from the airplane will have to do for now...

Somewhere above the Kyushu island in south western Japan (2012)


 An adjective that starts with chi...chiisai (chee-sigh):

chiisa na ki
the small tree
I will talk more about the book someday, perhaps when I get to ki= tree.

Chi means:
blood, earth/land, knowledge 
all have different kanji (Japanese characters) but sound the same

a pretty important sound, "chi" is

I hope you have a great day/night wherever you are on this Chikyu!