January 14, 2013

Filing Stuff and Favorite Stationery from 2012

Top 3 stationery favorites starting from
Number 3: Files
My Power Productivity Program folder (find out more about the program here
that also contains magazine articles etc that inspire me to stay organized!
I have always been and always will be a "FILER".
When I don't have papers in a file it stresses me out.
My favorite folder that I can find in Japan at the moment is the Muji one above.
I like it because the rings are not attached to the spine, which makes opening and moving the papers around much easier....if that makes sense...

I have also started filing my "point cards"(Japanese "alphabet" order) in a business card holder. This one holds up to 60 cards.  
I got this idea from:

Number 2: sticky notes and tabs

Sticky notes for to-do-lists and tabs for notebooks and files!
Before we get to Number's an honorable mention:

Last year I started using the Franklin Planner Organizer 2012.4~
I couldn't find a cover that I liked from the same company so I am using one from Ashford.
It has pockets in the front and back that store extra business cards (that I store in a mini ziplock bag so they don't get cruddy), a mini notebook (Moleskine) my favorite tabs from Avery and other sticky notes like the Green Marker (they look like grass blades)!
 I like how the days are divided into two columns with a "to-do list" on the left and the timeline on the right...with extra space for notes on the bottom of each day.  The only thing I don't like about the daily planner is the fact that it is thick!  I don't carry it around on my day offs, this is only for work.

Number 1: Bags of all sorts! (Mostly Ziplock type bags)

the above bag holds the following office supplies that I carry with me mostly when I am working
stamps, tabs, pens, Muji case that holds paper clips and staples (underneath that is y Muji portable stapler)
a red ink pad, my date stamp, my name stamp, a ruler I received from a friend,  mini cards and post cards, glue tape

 I use ziplock bags to store many things now... clothes when I'm on the go, receipts, snacks....

Now, for what I am looking forward to using this year!

Last year I went through so many different kinds of notebooks that it got soooo confusing.
(for work and studying  I still like the Cornell style notebooks but I am mixing things up a bit now.)
I am going to use the Moleskine Star Wars edition for my private journal and a regular Moleskine for my private notes.
In the back pocket of my Moleskine notebook I have some sticky note tabs.  I made a cover with a small greeting card for extra protection...I'm a bit obsessive in that way!
above: my brand new R2D2 earphones!
below: stickers that i got from the stationery store for free and 

It doesn't matter where you live and what brand you use...but it is a nice thing, I think, to stay organized and feel less stressed.  I hope the year 2013 is filled with fun projects and joyful journal entries for all of us! May the force be with you!!!
What is your favorite stationery item?

January 6, 2013

Bye Bye Dragon, Hello Year of the Snake

Happy New Year!

I hope you had a lovely holiday season.

I took a rather long (two weeks) vacation this year.  I wanted to step away from my desk/home office and do.....NOTHING.

I am now very confident in my ability to do NOTHING. 

Last year we moved to the South Western part of Japan, closer to my mother and mother-in-law.
The move was time consuming but good since we did a lot of un-cluttering...or shedding...

Speaking of shedding, 2013 is the year of the Snake.
Here's a look at 2 different types of Snake decorations!

Upper left: MIL's entranceway decorations (the snake is that green thing in the lower left hand corner
Lower left: My new Snake decoration
Right: Osechi*

(* for a better look at Osechi, and what it is please see my post from last year here:

2013 we will continue to "shed"... living simply-surrounded only by things we like is our goal.
Stocking up on necessities is one thing but hoarding things you do not need duplicates of is another.

My vanity has been cleaned out.  Old/expired things tossed.  Memories on display.
Hooks are awesome, by the way!

Origami boxes come in handy for storing small objects like hair pins.
I think I've got this part of my home under control.  
No buying makeup that is just going to gather dust and expire!

This year, I am going to lighten my load of books and keep my home office organized. 

I've also made a non-work related schedule to manage my goals... no "resolutions" for 2013,  
just  dreams and goals!

I wish you all the best in the year 2013!  May your wishes and dreams come true!

Do or do not, there is no try. -Yoda