August 11, 2010

I'm sorry for not checking in sooner...I keep falling off the band wagon...

I need to join a "can't stay consistent/procrastinating bloggers anonymous" club

if there is one out there.

It is hot and humid and there are typhoons forming and evaporating along the coasts of Japan.

In other words, a rather normal Japanese summer. However it feels hotter than it used to, not because of global warming, but because I have gained 5 kilos in the past year!

Right now the obon vacation is underway, which means the souls of our ancestors will be visiting us...I'll post more about this and the memorial services for WW2 etc that have taken place recently here in Japan.

Please take fluids and try to stay cool if you are having summer, and if you are enjoying winter now I hope you can stay warm!

Thank you to e everyone who commented and sent me messages about the pics in my last post! Here are two of them that I took with my phone and can repost now!