February 16, 2009

Murakami Haruki's speech at the Jerusalem Awards

Two of his books that I could find in my pile....I have no idea where I hid "Norwegian Woods".

It seems that Murakami-san had a hard time deciding whether he should be at the awards ceremony or not.  
His acceptance speech touched on the current Israeli-Palestinian conflict, a rare moment for a 
Japanese author to speak his mind while on an international podium.  I haven't heard or read his entire speech (have yet to find it) but from what I have heard so far on the radio, I agree with his line of thoughts...
There is an interesting website called The Black Ship with news on his acceptance speech etc.

His official English (Random House) website is at
They have not updated it on this subject at the time of this post...

Thanks to quadrillepad's blog, I have been able to read the full text of Murakami's speech..and you can too at:

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