February 11, 2009

Finished Digital Fortress....good grief

This book was published over 10 years ago...I finished reading it just now.  Way too late to be complaining, but I started this and will finish it.

I enjoyed the suspense.  I have now read a few posts on this book and some people did not enjoy the "nonsense" about all that technical jargon etc... I don't have a clue either way so I will have to admit that didn't bother me much.  
(I am so sorry to have to do this but nothing has ever irked me so much in a book.)
The remaining errors I found are:  
1) the name Tokugen Numataka... which is really  not an error, just too ancient of a name (like calling someone Alexander the Great) that I find it kind of cute.

2)chpt 18 "memboko" supposedly means "honor", which they did get right in the epilogue "memboku".  So, you are thinking it is just a typo the "o" should've been a "u".  Yeah well, it's like saying "yonder" or "wonder" or better yet "ponder" instead of "honor".
3)chpt.53 the switchboard operator says "Honorable Chairman", again this is so old Japan, so 1500's it's cute.

4)end of chpt 18 "shichigosan" is not the seven deities of good luck.  It is a traditional rite of passage festival for children who reach the ages of shichi (7), go (5) and san (3).
The seven deities of good luck are "shichifukujin".  You can see where that went wrong...

Now, after reading the book I realize that *spoiler alert* 
an anagram was vital to the story thus Tankado.  HOWEVER, Mr Brown could have easily thrown out the N and made the code name Dakota instead of NDakota .  He would then have been left with a very VERY common (but not too common that it is boring) name: Kadota.

Then I would not have gotten so frustrated and posted this meaningless thing.

So, if there are any authors out there thinking about adding a Japanese name to their next book, please contact me and I will, free of charge,  do a reality check for you.  Do not let something that can be easily diverted, get in the way of a good story.

BTW, where are Soshi and Hulohot from?  Ngh.. 

Sorry Dan, I am looking forward to your new book and will probably read Deception Point sooner or later.

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