March 21, 2009

Indian food in Kobe....Chalte Chalte*

Yesterday I had lunch with friends at an Indian restaurant in Kobe.  It was a small place but the interior decorations were fabulous.  The chandelier above might seem like an odd piece to have there but it actually pulled together all of the bright colored tapestries that were hanging from the ceiling and walls.  

Oh, and the food!  The lunch set we had was 1,050 yen.  There was a vegetable curry soup (with a second serving)  and a masala dosa (with chutney sauce and coconut sauce on the side).
The inside of the masala dosa... was stuffed with a "potato curry mash" type filling...I don't know what it is really called...but it was very good!

There are quite a few Indian restaurants in Kobe.  When I first moved to the Kansai area of Japan I was very surprised to see the wide variety of us "foreigners".  The Chinese population in Kobe is rather large (I will try to write about China Town someday) but the Indian population is also very large and has a long history in Japan too. 

I am not very familiar with the details so here is an interesting article in The Japan Times that will give you the outline of the history:

*Chalte Chalte : a nice diner that specializes in dishes and beautiful smiles;-), from Southern India...


Delwyn said...

Hello there, Oh I am going to love reading your blog. I have just sneaked alook at today and am going to make acup of tea and settle into some reading - a lover of books - and in Japan - how wonderful...

Happy days

I_am_Tulsa said...

Oh dear, the pleasure is mine! I have just started blogging this year so there may not be a whole lot to dig through...yet. I really enjoy your blog and am learning so much from it. Thank YOU!

Lori ann said...

Hi from California! I am so glad to meet you and am so looking forward to learning more about you and where you live, i love this post!(thank you for visiting mine and leaving such kind words)
xx lori

Jelica said...

Your photos of Indian food are great! I forgot to photograph the pancakes today at the creperie so I guess I will have to go back--what an excuse :)))

I_am_Tulsa said...

Lori ann's blog about life in California is great! If you haven't seen it yet and would like to know how beautiful California is please check it out;-)

Jelica! You HAVE to take pictures of pancakes!
I also forgot to take pictures of the waffles I had at a very nice cafe the other day...that must mean I have to go back too!