March 18, 2009

dear Diary, finding things during house cleaning

I haven't felt this tired in such a long time.  The new office is filled with great people, but the work load is AMAZINGLY HUGE.  I am having a hard time believing that these people have been doing what they've been doing without going mad.  I am seriously thinking twice about the road I am traveling right now.  What better way to heal the soul and tired body?  
                                        ...............spring cleaning!?

As a part of our major house cleaning project that started at the beginning of this year, I've found lots of things that I can't get rid of no matter how insignificant they may seem.
Bits of ribbons and beads (that came from I don't know where) and and small charms that I buy ...on whims.
Jam jars have come in handy so far, as well as wooden clothes pins.

The fact is that I feel better knowing that I have these things to stick on letters to friends, or to add a little "flair" to a birthday present.

I am also ashamed to say that these things help me to relax...
I know that I will not have them forever, and the thought of losing one of them is not really a concern either.  It is a part of me I like to call "zen meets shopaholic."

Now, if I could figure out how to combine  the trinkets I have with some creative ideas, I would feel much better with my hoarding of these earthbound goods.

You know, do projects like these people:

with things that I own like these:
That wooden box was originally a bento box (box for lunches) about 50 years ago.  Now instead of carrying rice it carries my "glamorous" hair pins and is usually on my dresser.  I bought this at an antique store in Osaka (Maison Grain D'aile).  The interesting thing about this old box is that it is Japanese, but the shop owner found it in France.  So, this baby has probably seen quite a few things!  I realize I am surrounded with items that tell stories...(WHY didn't I see all of this before?  Currently agonizing over first novel, so you can imagine...)

The books underneath the box could tell more than the stories printed on them as well.  
They are first editions and special editions that I found at used book stores.  
I will talk about why I bought those in a "future episode."


Butternut Squash said...

What is the mysterious novel going to be about?

Your collections remind me of going to Suma Dera there used to be a flea market there that I loved. Suma Temple Flea Market, Suma Ward, Kobe (1st Sunday, except January; [078] 361-1361 or [078] 731-0416). This is from an article written in 2004 so you might have to check before you go. I enjoyed everything about Suma. Take a camera if you go.

I_am_Tulsa said...

Thank you for the info! Will check on it asap!

The "mysterious novel" needs to stay a mystery a little longer... because I have a character that is taking over the story I had in mind...she's keeping parts of it a mystery for me too!

Butternut Squash said...

OK I'll be patient. I am wishing you productive dreams. Peace.