March 27, 2009

cherry trees, spring and song

The Sakura season has officially arrived in Osaka...but I haven't seen them yet...
The cherry trees near my house are not yet blooming...they seem to be frozen  since it started to get chilly again!
The above picture was sent to me by my dear friend Blossom in northern Kyushu.
The Sakura where she lives are blooming a tad bit faster and now look like this:
When I wait for spring the way I do now there is a song that pops into my head.  
"Haru Yo Koi" (Come Spring) by Matsutoya Yumi, aka Yuming.
My husband met her a long time ago...
He talks about this nostalgically and adds..."she told me that I am handsome".
Aahh, the things you say when you are

Anyway, this is the song, she has a "unique" voice and it gets stuck in my head like taffy to hair.

The lyrics are rather complicated but let me see if I can do a quick and rough interpretation here:
"Come Spring" 

A pale shade of light and the rain suddenly pours down
The daphne an image I hold dear
From the buds come pouring tears
and the fragrance, one by one

It comes, it comes beyond the sky and before long,
before long it comes for me

Oh spring, so far away you are
If I close my eyes you are right there
I can recall your voice that brought me love

My heart I sent to you
I am still waiting for a reply
No matter how many days or months pass by
I will be waiting, waiting

It comes, it comes beyond tomorrow, someday,
someday it will arrive

Oh spring, the spring I have yet to see
When I am lost and cannot move
In my dreams your gentle gaze embraces me

Oh dreams, early dreams I am here
I think of you as I walk alone
Like the falling rain, like the falling blossoms

(The song was written by Yuming and inspired by an old Japanese song by the same title.)

There are TONS of songs that are titled "Sakura"...if you look for songs with the word "sakura" in the title or lyrics there are even MORE.

New songs titled "Sakura" come out every year (I am not kidding).  I don't really have a favorite but there is one song that was released in 2002 and still gets lots of air play...
"Sakura" by Moriyama Naotaro.  This one (thank goodness) has English lyrics on the video...though a little hard to see.

Until the cherry blossoms are fully bloomed, I have a nice set of sakura things that Blossom sent me the other day! Thank you again Blossom!
Sakura bath salts, sakura motif towel, handkerchief, bookmark and a book of sakura trees in Kyoto!


Jelica said...

Those are gorgeous pictures of cherry blossoms, did you take them? We have a cherry tree in our back yard but it's still bare. Still waiting for real spring!

I_am_Tulsa said...

Thank you! My friend took them! She has been taking pictures for a few years now and does it very well! I will be posting my pictures when the cherry blossoms are more photogenic in my area!

I'm looking forward to seeing your cherry tree!
PLEASE take pictures!

Lori ann said...

What a beautiful and interesting post! thank you for all the lovely music and lyrics, so great. Please tell your friend how much I enjoyed her photos! and how lucky are you to have recieved such a delightful package?! enjoy!
xo lori

willow said...

I really enjoyed the photos and unique music. Happy Spring!

Delwyn said...

Good morning Tulsa,
My daughter was going to Kyoto last weekend for a break and hoping to see blossoms, I haven't heard yet if she did.

I can see why the second song gets airplay - it has that universal ballad sound to it that we all find easy on the ear...and of course sentimental lyrics, and he is quite a spunk, even tho he is bandy!