March 1, 2011


Gosh...I don't know where to start...

I got this receipt from a taxi I took on the first of February that says it is the year 2023...!

My husband and I celebrated our 10th anniversary a few weeks ago.

Time flies...
(do you see the blimp?)

At the end of March I will have been at work on my new job for a year and a half...and that feels like 10 years on some days and 10 months on others...go figure...

This July I will have been in Japan for 26 years. In April I will turn 40.

I deserve to have gold in my tea!
Now, if that doesn't make you want to come visit Japan, I don't know what will!

Tonight my husband is out watching the Eagles in concert and I just went to see a "chick flick".
Which after I watched (as much as I love chick flicks) THIS ONE became much more than that to me.

Morning Glory not only had some of my most favorite actors (Harrison Ford, Diane Keaton and Jeff Goldblum), it reminded me a tiny bit of..

Change TV to radio and make the leading lady (Rachel Adams) shorter (and give her a uni-brow and overbite) and you have an enthusiastic me in my twenties trying to make a morning radio show with cooking tips and global news and music. We had our adventures on the show and there was never a dull moment be it a good one or bad.

By the way Harrison Ford was amazing...I really wanted to punch the guy...heehee.

SO, 3 things are running through my head right now.

1. Why didn't I write a romantic comedy that would become a Hollywood movie?
2. What story can I write now?
3. WHAT ON EARTH am I doing with my life?

gosh that is pathetic... scratch 3 and replace it with:

Am I having a pre-midlife crisis or is this a full blown midlife crisis?

NOT that I want to work at a (Japanese) TV station...
TV here is .... weird...

(Yes, that is a picture of a TV show with adults wearing costumes as they are talking about food...)
And there already is an American who is dominating TV here and packaging it off to the States (or so I think) so "my idea" of bridging the two countries with entertainment is already taken (Dave Spector is "the guy" by the way. He is more knowledgable about Japan than most Japanese are, and there are rumors that he is actually Japanese but has just dyed his hair. He is actually from Illinois. Oooh, I have just found his twitter account... (in Japanese though)!/dave_spector.

Wow, totally went in a different direction there...
I just think I MAY have lost my way a bit. Am I loosing control of my life as I get swarmed with "stuff" to do on weekends and late at night ?

That can't be the real problem because I used to do that when I worked in radio and it did not bug me ONE bit.

Not even a tiny little bit.

Now it does. But what bugs me even more is that it bugs me. I hate not feeling GREAT about WORKING 24-7.

I am very good at tuning in with the "universe" and having things brought to me. But for the last two years I have stopped asking. Just did not have time to ask or even ponder what it is I want.

I have friends who have helped me soooo much to get back on track but SOMETHING just isn't "clicking".

I feel like this cat, waiting in front of a store that sells lots of porcelain cats...

waiting...for something...waiting...

Waiting and "going with the flow" has really done me good these past 40 years but me thinks me is ready for a change.
It's time to start walkin' down that Yellow Brick Road!

Exploring more of this fascinating country and bringing it to life inside me so that I can weave the next chick flick or whatever it is that will make me: h a p p y.

I hope you are happy. If you think you are not then join me on my journey!

A smile will take you a mile!


I think the receipt the taxi driver gave me with the year 2023 comes from the traditional Japanese calendar.

It is currently the 23rd year of the Heisei era. Thus 23.

But it still is a mistake...

...or is it?


Destination Infinity said...

I somehow have come to believe this - You don't attain happiness, but happiness attains you!

Destination Infinity

Frances said...

Tulsa, I so love reading your posts. Although I am much older than you, nver worked on a radio station, and live in a different country, I often feel that you write about something that is also on my mind.

I also like the comment left just above mine.

All of us have times in our lives when it all seems a bit of a jumble. I sometimes feel as if the true "me" is getting lost in that 24/7. Strangely I am having a very rare "sick" day off from work today, and am finding this enforced pause very, very welcome.

Maybe letting some little gremlin germs find me has been helpful!

Best wishes to you on all your anniversaries. Do explore Japan...and write about it. Do start that screenplay.


Small Kucing said...

Time travel LOL

Happy Anniversary

Merisi said...

It feels so good catching up with you!
I love Frances' comment.

I_am_Tulsa said...

thank you for your kind wishes and words of wisdom!