February 1, 2011

if it's tested in Japan would that make you feel better?

A colleague of mine recently sent me a link to a show
called "Ben and Teller".  The rest of the title is not appropriate for my blog...(let's just say, it is "cow poo").

The theme of the particular episode is about recycling and how we have been duped into believing that our behavior of recycling will help the environment.

The reason why I am posting this isn't because I have any sort of opinion about recycling (not that I don't), it is because at around 7 minutes and 19 seconds they say that whenever they wanted to close the deal they always mentioned the Japanese because it would help close the deal!

That just cracked me up.

Please note that the content of this video includes the f-word and s-word rather frequently.  If you don't mind, then watch away! but if you do, you may want to keep the volume low and have a bar of soap handy to wash out your ears later or, just not watch it all. :-)

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