December 31, 2010

what did I see this autumn?

Nagasaki was beautiful in the autumn.
The bay of Nagasaki was peaceful this day.

One of the most unlikely places to see a gigantic Christmas tree might be Kyoto. But it was pretty.

I went to Inari Shrine (Kyoto, Fushimi) with some friends.

We also visited Tofukuji in Kyoto. I enjoyed Momijigari...looking at the beautiful autumn leaves.

It has been a long time since I have taken pictures of flowers...
Another post about my New Years resolutions will be posted in a few hours! I hope you are having a wonderful OMISOKA (last day of the year) today!


Frances said...

Good morning Tulsa,

It's grand to see this post and to learn another one will appear soon! I always enjoy the pictures that you choose, as they allow me a very quick visit to Japan. I am now reading David Mitchell's latest book about Japan. Perhaps you have already read it?

I wish you a fabulous 2011, full of fun and discovery.

Thank you, also, for visiting my site. I must reveal to you that the bulbs in front of my funny picture of snow at my window are not onions. They are paperwhite narcissus, and I had hoped that they would bloom by Christmas. No sign of blooming yet!


I_am_Tulsa said...

OH MY GOSH!!!!!! I clearly do not have a green thumb!
It will be New Years in Japan in one hour! I have to go make special noodles that we slurp before it strikes midnight! I think I am reading the same book as you are now! I'm still on the second or third chapter though...happy reading!