August 28, 2009

I love...

I love my phone. I know you are not supposed to say you love "things" because it makes you sound can a love for family and friends be compared to a "thing"...!
...but I still love my phone...a lot more than my previous one... AND I love Blogger because it has become soooo easy to post AND add a picture...from my phone.
Why is this such a big deal?
Because I will be going to Tokyo and other parts of Japan in September..which means I will be away from my computer. But I am greedy now. I want to read my favorite blogs and update my own blog while I'm on the road...and now I can!
I am doing the hokey pokey now...
Now, that "peach sweet" I posted (from my i-phone!) looks like this when split in half:
The outside is a crust (made from flour and sugar) and the inside is a chestnut paste with peach flavoring.

This was a gift from one of my bosses who traveled to Okayama, a prefecture in south western Japan that is famous for their gloriously delicious peaches.

Hey, I also love peaches.

Oh, and I love you too!


Frances said...

Hello to you Tulsa.

I can completely understand your affection for that amazing phone.

I continue to be delighted by all that you show us about living in Japan. As a fellow peach fan, I marvel at that peach manju! It is exquisite.

Best wishes to you!

Lori ann said...

haha, so glad you are enjoying your lovely phone. I know many people that are in love with that i-phone! and why not? i am glad because your posts are so much fun to read (and learn), looking forward to lots of i-phone posts!

willow said...

Hey, if I had that cool phone, I would definitely be loving it, too!! Does the peach taste as good as it looks?

Delwyn said...

Hi Tulsa

will you be travelling with the new job?
Are you going to tell us what it entails...

The peached look so tasty. I hadn't tried chestnuts til we bought some outside the Kabuki Theatre in Tokyo one night after watching a small portion of the Kabuki theatre.

P has an ipod but says they are not as popular there as here. something about the companies people prefer...

Happy days

I_am_Tulsa said...

Frances! A fellow peach fan! I am not surprised...peaches are just peachy aren't they!?

Lori, thank you! I have no idea what I will post about while I am in Tokyo but it's exciting just thinking about it!

Willow, the peach flavor was not strong but the chestnut filling was good!

Delwyn, I will be in charge of PR-ing for our books (mostly textbooks) and will have an area of Japan to "look over"...I haven't been notified as to where yet! The main office is in Tokyo and I have training coming up too which will take place in a part of Japan I haven't been to yet!

As for i-pods, I guess you have to be a mac fan...and in Japan there are so many alternatives to the i-pods. I guess Sony has a bigger share...

There also aren't as many good podcasts in favorites (like NPR and KCRW) are all in English!

Alaine said...

That cake looks and sounds amazing.

Oh, love you baaaaaaaack!

Other Lisa said...

I have to get a new phone aging Treo has "issues." What kind of phone do you have? I'm probably just gonna go for the iPhone.

And I totally get material "love." I have this real thing for good luggage. I'm really attached to it! I love stuff that works well and is well-made.

I_am_Tulsa said...

Lisa, I have an i-phone, 3G. So far it is working well. There is room
for improvement but I love this piece of technology!