April 13, 2009

my day off with the flowers

It had been a while since I really went for a walk.  Alone.  No appointments.  
I had "homework" from work, but I thought..."No, I'd rather enjoy spring."
So I did.
The first flowers that welcomed me on this warm day were, of course the tulips. 
Red tulips are my favorite, but this year these pink ones have really caught my eye.  I peered inside one, not that I thought that I would actually find anything...but there, right there, you can see a cherry blossom petal!
So, I set off to Sakura Shukugawa to see the Sakura.  A 10 minute train ride from my home.
I was shocked...
The flowers here were already falling like confetti from the trees.
Sakura blossoms that have lots of baby leaves like this are called "hazakura" (leaf sakura)...
and the word sounds so sad, because it means the end of the cherry blossom season.
But with hazakura you can take a good look at the tree's trunk since the blossoms aren't as prominent as when they are in full bloom.
                                               Sakura trees have beautiful branches, I think.
If you look really closely you can see some people enjoying lunch under the cherry trees.
Shukugawa (Shuku River)
夙(shuku) is a kanji character that means 'young' or 'early' the middle ages the Shuku were the people in this area of Japan who worked for shrines and more recently for people who crafted things with clay or bamboo.  
However, these days it is only used for the city and river name.
The pink petals that have been blown off the trees by the wind, float down the river...
This is another type of sakura tree.  There are quite a few different kinds of sakura.  The one above is Shukugawa Mai Zakura  and the one below is called Kanzan.


Delwyn said...

How gorgeous Tulsa,
The bottom one especially is so pretty and looks familiar like the prunus trees in NZ.

My daughter said all the sakura have finished in brief and transitory ...such a good reminder to enjoy things that we have in the moment.

Thanks for the beautiful pictures.

willow said...

Lovely sakura post!! Homework can wait, the sakura won't. :^)

I_am_Tulsa said...

Delwyn and Willow,
Thank you so much!

I'm glad I went for the walk instead of doing work at home! Sometimes I wish I could freeze the blossoms but I suppose they are all the more beautiful when the petals snow down.

Butternut Squash said...

Beautiful photos. It makes me think of the many rivers that I walked down in Japan to reach the ocean.

I_am_Tulsa said...

Butternut Squash, thank you! Japan has many rivers doesn't it? The rivers are not very big, but Japan is a country with an abundance of water!

Jelica said...

Beautiful flower photos! I also feel like freezing the blossoms, they are so pretty.

By the way, I live on Tulip Street but have never seen one anywhere in the neighborhood--so thanks for those lovely tulips!

I_am_Tulsa said...

What a lovely name for a street Jelica! But it is interesting that there are no tulips LOL.

Lori ann said...

Oh Tulsa I enjoyed this walk with you so much. I've never been to Japan but I'm sure I would love it. Beautiful photos! thank you.
♥ lori

Delwyn said...

P.S. I am still posting. Blogger has a problem and my new posts are not being feed to other bloggers' bloglists so it appears as if I am stuck with Florence!

I am feeling very lonely today!

Enep said...

wow great. are from Japan? I love Japanese Culture and I have the passion on it :--D