April 24, 2009

dear diary...herb garden part 2 roses aren't blooming yet but life can still smell like roses!

Since I was having trouble deciding on which pictures to put on my blog about the Herb Garden...I decided to just pack a few more in...

The man in the background with the dandelions... my husband's blog debut!

The one red soda is rose and soda!  It was very refreshing after walking around a b it in the garden.  I t was sweet and smelled like...roses!  The rose garden should be blooming sometime in May...I'd love to go back again to see what kind of roses they have!


Delwyn said...

Hi Tulsa
I Love your mosaic collage - isn't that spinach? with the red rib amazing.

I have seen the dolls - daughter 1 has them on keyrings! The real handcrafted ones must be special. I wonder if your grandmother has some stashed away somewhere.
Happy Days

Polly said...

Hi Tulsa, these photos are beautiful, looks like spring is in full swing in Japan, just like here in London! I really enjoyed your previous post about kokeshi dolls. I've been very interested in all things Japanese for a while now and yours is second Japanese blog I follow. I'm looking forward to more. Have a great weekend, Polly x

I_am_Tulsa said...

Delwyn, I think the leaf is some kind of chard...there were several different may sound funny but they looked "delicious" to me!

Polly, I will try to write as much as possible about the culture and art I see!

Anonymous said...

Your blog is gorgeous! I will be back....thanks for visiting my blog too! If you want to see an amazing katazome artist, check out I took a workshop from him in 2004 and that is how I learned/began to learn this amazing technique. He doesn't have a blog, but is so generous and shares so much on his website. He lives in northern CA but lived in Japan for many years.