September 17, 2011

My trip to the UK and books, books, books!

Yes, I know...I have been a VERY bad blogger. SO here are my excuses and everything in between!

1. Work became really busy.  I mean REALLY busy...
2. I went to the UK!!!! in July.
Here are the pictures:
the British Museum
Spent the whole day here and still didn't get to see everything...
The weather was fantastic during my whole stay in London!
the feet of a buddha
After the British Museum, I went to a lovely antiquarian bookseller...
and bought:
a 1871 edition of the Curiosity Shop by Charles Dickens
and a 1911 edition of Intentions by Oscar Wilde
the red book on the left is a recent buy.
It is a reproduction (facsimile) of the 1911 first edition of 
The Concise Oxford Dictionary
published to commemorate the 100th anniversary. 
It looks fabulous with the old books that I have.

The inside of the Tate Modern Museum
I spent at least 5 hours here!

London old and new.

Keble College in Oxford. The dining hall.

The dorm room I stayed in at Keble College.
I wonder who is staying there now.  
I left a copy of Haruki Murakami's "Kafka on the Shore" on the bookshelf.

I had so  much fun in the UK. 
It was only a few weeks later that the riots in London started and that made me very sad...

3. In August I went to Okinawa:
and saw people dancing in the streets.
Visited Shuri Castle on my day off and found 

an interesting looking spigot!

4. At the end of August I had a few days of vacation and visited Nagasaki.  Found a very interesting structure:
that turned out to be a very long slide!

5. I also went to two other Prefectures in Japan (sorry no pictures) and of course Tokyo again...all for work...

But a few things arrived in the mail that reminded me of the blogging world...
first it was :
the author Lisa's bloodspot blog is here:
Finally going to start reading this now!

Which reminded me I have to write a blog on this wonderful series

but I might just wait till her new book arrives!
In the meantime check out the author's blog here:

And then IT came...

If you are a longtime blogger fan then she needs no introduction...
Tess the author of the Life at Willow Manor blog has published her first booklet of poems.
I said I would buy it if she published it and I have.  It arrived safely here in Japan just a few weeks ago.  I used to love poems but drifted away not being able to find anything new that resonated...but Patina (as is the Willow Manor blog) is filled with poems that are lovely to read out loud and lovely to read silently just like a short story.

I looked up Patina in my brand new First Edition Concise Oxford Dictionary and it says,

"Patina: Incrustation, usu. green, on surface of old bronze, esteemed as ornament. "

Hello again.  I think I am back at blogging!


Small Kucing said...

Omgh! the Curiosity Shop by Charles Dickens and Intentions by Oscar Wilde are a treasure!

Frances said...

Tulsa, it's delightful to see your return to blogland!

I definitely know what it is to get really busy, and to try to squeeze much into each day, week, month, and so forth. What a lot of traveling you've been up to.

I like your "postcards" from London and Japan, with very striking, and unusual images. I think that you found some real treasure in those books. Well done!

Thank you also for visiting my place. I also try to post more frequently, but just cannot always manage it.


Maggie May said...

So pleased that you enjoyed your trip to England.Glad our weather behaved itself.
I have lived here all my life and still haven't seen everything. It is impossible.

I have read that book by Haruki Murakami "Kafka On The Shore" It made a compulsive read and was a strange but lovely book.
So glad you are back.
Maggie X

Nuts in May

Iron Rye said...

i haven't been to UK over 8 years already