April 3, 2010

My little spring day.

These flowers were blooming at the foot of a tree in front of the office... What are they?

Spring at last! So, I decided to go see the cherry blossoms!

I went to a place called Sakura Shuku Gawa in Hyogo Prefecture. There were a bunch of people eating rice balls, drinking beer and playing cards under the blooming cherry trees.

I picked a tree, spread out a plastic sheet to sit on, opened up a bottle of spring water and some snacks and started to read with the sounds of laughing children and quite a few tipsy adults as BGM.

I wanted to read a book that would fit with my I chose:
Those are not my hands, by the way.

I took more pictures of the cherry blossoms. Today I have only posted the ones I took from my i-phone because I have misplaced my camera cord thingy... argh.

Tomorrow I am off to Tokyo for meetings. Will be spending half my day in a hotel room getting ready for the meeting and doing an online crash course on how to use PowerPoint.

I also need to get my picture taken somewhere because I have forgotten (yet again) to renew my passport. Yikes!

Happy Easter, happy spring and happy reading!


Lori ann said...

sounds like a lovely way to spend a day, sitting beneath a blossoming cherry tree!
have fun enjoying your spring and good luck with the power point and finding your camera cord!
xo lori

Frances said...

Hello and Happy Easter from New York to you, Tulsa.

It is so good to see your photos of the beautiful, fragile, temporary cherry blossoms. Our New York cherry trees have not yet gotten enough warmth to bloom, but the little white pear tree flowers are on every block in my neighborhood.

I know that you will do just fine with the art of the power point. I have not ever had to master it yet myself, but just deep inside know that it cannot be too difficult.

Hoping that you will find time for a post from Tokyo.

Meanwhile, best wishes. xo

Polly said...

Hello! I love the new look of your blog, the lamps are stunning.

Hope you're having a nice Easter holiday, it looks like the weather is perfect. Have a great time in Tokyo!

Alaine said...

Wow, what a lovely, bright, new look! I think the little white flowers might be Crocus. Happy Spring!

I_am_Tulsa said...

Lori...thank you I hope you enjoy spring too! still looking for my camera cord lol

Frances, i'm not so sure about Power Point being easy...there's so much to remember....argh! I still have quite a bit to do before I complete the online course...I'll let you know how it goes ;-)

Polly, thank you! Hope you had a nice Easter too!

Alaine, thank you for the flower name! I'll try to find out the Japanese name for Crocus and ask around a bit!
I am getting fickle again with my blog layout but I's spring and chose this one from the new templates!

linda said...

I love this post.. and I love the spring time!!

Cyrus Rumi said...

A great post...I must try those rice cakes!!!!:)

Have a nice time!


Zaa said...

NIce blog... I'm laughing because I did the same thing in April ..forgot to renew my passport and had to exit to Korea, spend the night and then come back into Japan...( Ha Ha) expensive " oops" but truly everything went fine and I too was able to enjoy the beauty of the Cherry Blossom celebrations... a picnic under the blossoms.. Such lovely traditions... I enjoyed your blog and will visit again. Cheers