September 19, 2009

The rice is growing, making the heads of the rice stalks get heavier...they are bowing in the autumn Kyoto.

an old tower at the Toji Shrine in Kyoto...I am now going to be traveling to Kyoto quite often for work... yeah!

But I will be headed for the mountains in Kobe tomorrow with friends!

I'll let you know how everything is when I get back...Japan is having several days of holidays in a row so I am enjoying some time resting after a very eventful week at work!


Delwyn said...

Hi Tulsa

have a good and well deserved break in Kobe...I look forward to hearing all about the new job...

Happy days

Frances said...

Hello Tulsa,

It's great to see this post, and hear that you are enjoying all the traveling.

Thank you for the update on the rice. It is very interesting to me to see how it really does grow.

Best wishes. xo

Jelica said...

You're a busy girl lately! Have fun in the mountains :)

June Saville said...

Hello Tulsa
I'd really enjoy being along with you on your trip. In a short stay years ago I found it to be fascinating, with so many different sides.

Alaine said...

Enjoy your weekend!

Leks said...

Hi Tulsa good times with your friends,great weather and loads of beauty along your journey,:O)ciao Aleksandra