July 10, 2009

i-ro-ha #7 "to"

I spent an hour constructing a post for this splendid character "to"....only to have it deleted in a split second. aaaahhhh%$#"!

So, here is a quickie because I am not up to rewriting a hour's worth of "work"....

"to" is pronounced like the "to" in the word : toe

と is splendid because it means : and

words that begin with to:

tori = bird
I went outside hoping to take a picture of a bird but I was met by clouds....I think all the birds have flown away because it looks like some rain is headed this way...
tobu = to fly
a famous peson in Japanese history:
Toyotomi Hideyoshi

Toyotomi was born into a common farmer family. He is often described to have been a peasant.
He had a nickname after being hired by the local warlord Oda Nobunaga... Saru (means monkey).
The nickname comes from his small stature and his always running around wild like a monkey.
Toyotomi lived "The Japanese Dream" by becoming a Shogun from such a low status.

You would think he would be willing to give other people a chance to climb the samurai ladders...
In 1588 he did a national sword hunt and prohibited the change of status. He is a popular figure in Japanese history but I don't really like him...maybe that is why my 1 hour piece of work all vanished into cyberspace...I am living in a city that used to be his home base. A couple of minutes on the train will take me to the remains of his castle...

photo from wikipedia since I haven't visited the palace yet...
more words that start with "to"
tombo = dragonfly
toshokan = library
と(and) of course the most important one:
tomodachi = friend
thank you for being a friend!
Hope you have a lovely weekend, I will be going to Nagasaki for a couple of days from tomorrow!
(no internet access but I will hopefully be back with something interesting to talk about)


B said...

Toshokan, must remember! I love how it sounds (or how I imagine it sounds!) and of course, I love what it means!

Lori ann said...

haha Tulsa,

funny, that's why your hours work perhaps disappeared! I hope you have a great time away and i'm looking forward to your next post.


I_am_Tulsa said...

B, I like how toshokan sounds too!

Lori, thank you for understanding the irony of it

I am back from Nagasaki. I am bummed that I didn't get to take a whole lot of pictures but I'll try to explain some of the Buddhist ceremony thing I attended soon.

Butternut Squash said...

Dag gonit! I just lost the comment I wanted to send you. Bummer you lost your post.

How about Totoriken, one of my favorite places?

I hope you have a great time in Nagasaki and bring us back some photos.

Polly said...

Toyotomi is a Japanese version of rags-to-riches! And in 16c!! Very interesting.

Thanks for this lesson, I hope your morning walks are going well.

Chiara.u said...

I love tori and toshokan words! they make me happy :)) well I love toshokan in itself... i do love reading that i would like to live in a great, infinite, boundless toshokan!!
kisses to a good tomodachi :))

I_am_Tulsa said...

Butternut Squash, I have never been to Tottori before! It is a palce I would love to go to! (There is something weird going on with the comment boxes all over the place! ???)

Polly, you got that right about the rags to riches! I need more discipline to continue morning walks! I am so bad at waking up early!

Chiara.u, I'm glad my choice of words are happy ones for you! I would love to be in an infinite library too! thank you for being a great tomodachi!